Make a monthly donation

Howe Sound is world renowned for its wild natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and the vibrant communities we call home. We love it here, and we know you do too.

When you make a monthly donation to My Sea to Sky, you are helping to support our campaigns to stop Woodfibre LNG, stop the Burnco gravel mine, and actively support our vision to protect Howe Sound for future generations. 

Why is it important to make a monthly donation?

  • Because we are an advocacy group, My Sea to Sky isn't eligible for most grants. Instead, we rely on the My Sea to Sky community for small donations that provide the majority of our funding.
  • Monthly donations help us know in advance how much money we have available to plan our campaigns, maintain our communications, and organize our volunteers.
  • We can be politically independent and accountable to you, our grassroots base.

Other ways to donate:

Make a one-time donation

To make a one-time donation, click the link above, or if you prefer, you can login to PayPal directly and send your donation to

Interac e-Transfer

To donate by Interac e-Transfer you can also send your donation to Note: please also email us the answer to your Interac e-Transfer security question.

Donate by Mail

To donate by cheque, please send a cheque payable to “My Sea to Sky” to:

My Sea to Sky
PO Box 2668,
Squamish, BC
V8B 0B8

Please include a note with your cheque so we know who it's from.

Donate via Vancity or Squamish Savings

If you bank with Vancity credit union or Squamish Savings you can send a donation instantly, for free. Just login to online banking, and send your one-time or monthly donation to: relationship number 81392894 (select "Community Service Account"). Make sure you include your name and contact info in the memo so we can send you a thank you note.

About My Sea to Sky

My Sea to Sky is a registered non-profit, but to ensure our community's advocacy can be as effective as possible, we are not a charity, and donations are not eligible for a tax credit. We are incredibly proud and grateful to say that we rely on the My Sea to Sky community for small donations that provide the majority of our funding. Since our launch in 2014, we have been funded through personal savings, family and friends; and 100% powered by the passion of our volunteers from 2014-2016. Your generous contribution will help us to run our critical campaigns to protect Howe Sound. Every dollar helps.